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Top 5 scams of 2005

Thread title: Top 5 scams of 2005
Closed Thread  
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08-18-2005, 02:52 PM
Aphex is offline Aphex
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Especially buying a car. I wouldn't trust ANY online pay system that doesn't track transactions to/from people or yourself, its very easy to send an email as someone else. I could make a rather small script in PHP that will do that.

If you can, cancel the order. Theres not much else you can do, sorry to hear this.

I haven't been scammed, but I've seen enough of it. I especially get a kick out of the African money ones.

08-20-2005, 08:22 PM
niek is offline niek
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3. Nigerian 419 Letter

The setup: You receive an e-mail, usually written in screaming capital letters, that starts out like this:


The letter says the scammers are seeking an accomplice who will transfer the funds into their account for a cut of the total--usually around 30 percent. You'll be asked to travel overseas to meet with the scammers and complete the necessary paperwork. But before the transaction can be finalized, you must pay thousands of dollars in "taxes," "attorney costs," "bribes," or other advance fees.

What actually happens: There's no minister and no money--except for the money you put up in advance. Victims who travel overseas may find themselves physically threatened and not allowed to leave until they cough up the cash. (FYI, "419" is named for the section of Nigeria's penal code that the scam violates.)

The risk: Serious financial loss--or worse. Victims of Nigerian letter fraud lose $3000 on average, according to the FBI. Several victims have been killed or gone missing while chasing a 419 scheme.

The question you've gotta ask yourself: Of all the people in the world, why would a corrupt African bureaucrat pick me to be his accomplice?
I've got this in my email box , i thought it was really funny!
never emailed back do , just deleted.

08-26-2005, 05:42 PM
Winters is offline Winters
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Dear friend,

I am Mr. Christ Amina, Manager foreign operations. Eco Bank Nigeria,
My search for a trustworthy
individual/firm has led me to you. I came across your
contact while looking for a worthwhile investments or
Projects that I can be affiliated with.
I am writing you this letter to ask for your support
and co-operation to carry out this transaction.

A foreigner, Late Engineer David Chen Cheng, from
Taiwan an Oil Merchant/Contractor with the federal
Government of Nigeria, until his death\on board the
American Flight 587, an Airbus A300 left JFK, bound
for Dominican Republic that crashed in Queens New
York, USA. Banked with us here at Eco Bank Nigeria and had a balance of
US$20,120,000.00{Twenty Million One Hundred and Twenty Thousand United States Dollars} which the bank now expects a next of kin to claim as beneficiary,
Valuable efforts are being made by the Eco Bank Nigeria to get in touch with any of the David Chen Cheng’s family or relatives but to no success.
It is because of the perceived possibility of not being able to locate any of Late Engr, David Chen Cheng’s Next of kin {he had neither wife nor children that is known to us}.

The management under the influence of our Chairman and members of the Board of Directors are making arrangement for the funds to be declared
"UNCLAIMED" and will be lost to the Federal Government or subsequently be donated to the Trust Fund for Arms and Ammunition to further enhance the course of war in West Africa In order to avert this negative development, some of my colleagues and I now seek your permission to have you stand as a next of kin to Late Engr, David Chen Cheng so that the funds USD20.120M would be
and paid into your account as the beneficiary next of kin.
All documents and proves to enable you get this fund will be carefully worked out. We have secured from the probate an order of mandamus to locate any of deceased beneficiary and more so we are assuring you this business is 100% risk free involvement. Your share stays while the rest would be for myself and my colleagues for investment purposes. According to agreement within both parties.
As soon as we have acknowledgement of this message in acceptance of our mutual business proposal, we will furnish you with the necessary modalities and
disbursement ratio to suite both parties without any conflict. We have agreed that 30% of the money will be for you, for your assistance in this transaction, while 10% has been mapped out for expenses that will be incurred on
both sides in the course of this transaction and 10% will be donated to the charity organization while 50% will be for my colleagues and I.
If this proposal is acceptable by you do not
make undue advantage of the trust we have bestowed on you, then kindly get to me immediately.

Please furnish me with your most confidential
Telephone and Fax Number, signify your intentions
Christ Amina

08-26-2005, 07:16 PM
SamOwen is offline SamOwen
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1. Auction Fraud
Happened to me. I bought some trading cards that were advertised as factory sealed. They obviously were repackaged.

2. Phishing Scams
Once clever but I think everyone knows about these by now.

3. Nigerian 419 Letter
I can't believe these are still circulating.

4. Postal Forwarding/Reshipping Scam
Never heard of this, thanks!

5. "Congratulations, You've Won an Xbox (news - web sites) (IPod, plasma TV, etc.)"
LOL, this is so lame.

11-27-2005, 10:54 PM
GM-EGS is offline GM-EGS
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Location: New Jersey
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GM-EGS is on a distinguished road


Just got scammed for $210 this time for vBulletin licenses. I'm so pissed! :mad:

Session Start (VGKING com:JoseAlvarado1): Thu Nov 24 11:51:45 2005
[11:51] VGKING com: Hello?
[11:51] JoseAlvarado1: Hello.
[11:51] *** "JoseAlvarado1" signed on at Thu Nov 24 11:51:54 2005.
[11:52] VGKING com: Hey I'm VG_KING from WHT
[11:52] VGKING com: I just sent you a PM
[11:52] JoseAlvarado1: Ok.
[11:52] VGKING com: I'll buy the vBulletin owned license right now if you've verified it with WHT
[11:54] VGKING com: Ok?
[11:54] JoseAlvarado1: Yes.
[11:54] JoseAlvarado1: I posted on the thread.
[11:55] VGKING com: Ok let me know when WHT verifies it immediately ok?
[11:55] VGKING com: Also you'll give me all the login information and shiz I'll need right?
[11:55] JoseAlvarado1: Not to the Memebers ARea.
[11:56] VGKING com: -.-
[11:56] VGKING com: But I'll need thatr
[11:56] JoseAlvarado1: I can't
[11:57] JoseAlvarado1: all my serials are there.
[11:57] VGKING com: i think there's a way to contact vbulletin if you're selling a license
[11:57] VGKING com: could you contact them and ask them if they could make one of your owned license into another aco****?
Session Close (JoseAlvarado1): Thu Nov 24 12:04:53 2005

Session Start (VGKING com:JoseAlvarado1): Thu Nov 24 14:02:02 2005
[14:02] VGKING com: Has WHT verified the licenses yet?
[14:02] VGKING com: Have you emailed vBulletin yet about having a license in another account?
Session Close (JoseAlvarado1): Thu Nov 24 20:00:28 2005

Session Start (VGKING com:JoseAlvarado1): Sat Nov 26 22:28:00 2005
[22:28] JoseAlvarado1: Hello, do you still want the vBulletin?
[22:28] VGKING com: I'd need an account to go along with it at vbulletin -.-
[22:29] VGKING com: Do me a favor
[22:29] VGKING com: email vbulletin and ask them if it was possible for them to create an account for someone who wants to buy one of your owned licenses
[22:32] JoseAlvarado1: i'm sorry but ill see
[22:32] JoseAlvarado1: if i cant then no.
[22:32] JoseAlvarado1: i have about 7 vB owned licenses.
[22:41] VGKING com: ^^
[22:41] JoseAlvarado1: Yes.
Session Close (JoseAlvarado1): Sat Nov 26 23:11:33 2005

Session Start (VGKING com:JoseAlvarado1): Sun Nov 27 01:48:03 2005
[01:48] VGKING com: did vbulletin reply to u yet?
Session Close (JoseAlvarado1): Sun Nov 27 01:48:34 2005

Session Start (VGKING com:JoseAlvarado1): Sun Nov 27 13:03:37 2005
[13:03] JoseAlvarado1: Hey.
[13:03] JoseAlvarado1: Ok look.
[13:03] VGKING com: hi
[13:03] JoseAlvarado1: I will give you my account which has 2 VB owned Licenes for $120.
[13:04] VGKING com: i thought you said you had 7 vb owned licenses :|
[13:04] JoseAlvarado1: i have 2 in this one account
[13:04] VGKING com: why do you have more than one account? O.O
[13:05] JoseAlvarado1: Because they were ordered at different times
[13:09] VGKING com: i can give you $100
[13:10] JoseAlvarado1: no $120
[13:10] JoseAlvarado1: I sell them for $60
[13:10] VGKING com: but i only want one -.-
[13:11] VGKING com: but i need an account and your account has 2 so i can only go $100
[13:11] VGKING com: only a little difference >_<
[13:12] JoseAlvarado1: ..fine
[13:12] JoseAlvarado1: (Link:
[13:12] VGKING com: that is your paypal?
[13:12] JoseAlvarado1: Yes.
[13:14] JoseAlvarado1: tell me when you sent it.
[13:14] VGKING com: You'll send me everything I will need, correct?
[13:14] JoseAlvarado1: Yes Right now.
[13:15] VGKING com: Payment sent.
[13:16] JoseAlvarado1: Ok.
[13:16] JoseAlvarado1: Great
[13:16] JoseAlvarado1: (Link:
[13:16] JoseAlvarado1: J21995E0F6F8 - Username
A7F444EA - Password
[13:16] JoseAlvarado1: Enjoy
[13:17] VGKING com: These are owned licenses, right?
[13:17] JoseAlvarado1: Yes.
[13:17] VGKING com: Not leased, right?
[13:19] VGKING com: ?_?
[13:19] JoseAlvarado1: Yes.
[13:19] JoseAlvarado1: VBFD980BF0
(Submit URL) Active
vBulletin (Owned License)
[13:19] JoseAlvarado1: VBFA19638C
(AnubisThePriest) Active
vBulletin (Owned License)
[13:19] VGKING com: ok
[13:22] VGKING com: How can I change my account information such as email address, etc etc?
[13:25] JoseAlvarado1: (Link:

[13:25] VGKING com: i contacted them
[13:25] JoseAlvarado1: They will change it within 2-3hours.
[13:27] JoseAlvarado1: Enjoy.
[13:27] JoseAlvarado1: If you please can.
[13:28] VGKING com: Can what?
[13:28] JoseAlvarado1: (Link:
[13:28] JoseAlvarado1: Post there saying that you bought from me and I was legit.
[13:28] JoseAlvarado1: Please
[13:28] VGKING com: Ok ^_^
[13:30] VGKING com: done.
[13:31] JoseAlvarado1: Thanks
[13:31] JoseAlvarado1: It's Seller
[13:31] JoseAlvarado1: Not Buyer
[13:31] VGKING com: ?
[13:31] VGKING com: whoops O.O
[13:31] JoseAlvarado1: Buyer is legit.
[13:32] JoseAlvarado1: it's
[13:32] JoseAlvarado1: Seller
[13:32] VGKING com: changed lol
[13:32] JoseAlvarado1: Ok.
[13:32] JoseAlvarado1: Thanks
[13:32] JoseAlvarado1: If you need anything else just contact me.
[13:32] VGKING com: What is this?
[13:32] JoseAlvarado1: What?
[13:33] VGKING com: err why can i not copy stuff on that site
[13:33] JoseAlvarado1: On what site?
[13:33] VGKING com: there's a reply in that thread saying someone bought a license from you but they get no reply from you O.O
[13:33] VGKING com: (Link:
[13:33] JoseAlvarado1: FlashWebHost?
[13:34] JoseAlvarado1: What if he have a verified vBulletin account and after paying, you don't get any reply from him ?

I have brought a license verified script from WHT, but after paying, i don't get any reply from him. Also paypal refused to refund.
[13:34] JoseAlvarado1: That?
[13:34] VGKING com: yes
[13:34] JoseAlvarado1: He was not talking about me.
[13:34] VGKING com: oh lol
[13:34] JoseAlvarado1: Look read it
[13:34] JoseAlvarado1: WHAT IF he have a verified vBulletin account.
[13:34] VGKING com: lol
[13:34] JoseAlvarado1: Like if I verified with WHT.
[13:34] JoseAlvarado1: And I scammed you
[13:35] JoseAlvarado1: Like I never gave you the Account
[13:36] VGKING com: what is impex?
[13:36] JoseAlvarado1: I have no clue..
[13:36] VGKING com: lol
Session Close (JoseAlvarado1): Sun Nov 27 13:50:01 2005

Session Start (VGKING com:JoseAlvarado1): Sun Nov 27 14:58:04 2005
[14:58] VGKING com: Umm wtf
[14:58] VGKING com: I still haven't received a response from vBulletin
[14:58] VGKING com: Have you received any emails from vBulletin?
[14:58] VGKING com: I can't login anymore they must've changed the login information
[14:58] VGKING com: Did you get it?
[14:58] JoseAlvarado1: one sec let me check.
[14:59] JoseAlvarado1: Hello,

As requested, your vBulletin customer number and password
has been changed. The new account details able attached
below. You can use this information to log into
the vBulletin members area here:

Customer Number: J451646AC032
Customer Password: DF5BB69D

All the best,

vBulletin Customer Support Team

11-27-2005, 10:55 PM
GM-EGS is offline GM-EGS
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GM-EGS is on a distinguished road


[14:59] VGKING com: wtf
[14:59] VGKING com: i told them to update my contact information too
[14:59] VGKING com: wtf is wrong with them
[14:59] VGKING com: can you forward me the email
[14:59] VGKING com: to
[15:05] VGKING com: !?
[15:05] JoseAlvarado1: yea one sec
[15:07] JoseAlvarado1: One sec man.
[15:08] JoseAlvarado1: I'm in need of another $100.00
[15:08] VGKING com: ???
[15:08] VGKING com: wtf
[15:08] VGKING com: i already paid you
[15:08] JoseAlvarado1: I'm giving 5vBulletin for $100.00...
[15:08] JoseAlvarado1: yea i know
[15:08] VGKING com: O.O
[15:08] VGKING com: i have no more money ...
[15:13] VGKING com: forward the email..
[15:14] JoseAlvarado1: 1sec
[15:16] VGKING com: Dude forward the email now
[15:19] JoseAlvarado1: 1sec
[15:19] JoseAlvarado1: im getting it
[15:19] JoseAlvarado1: wow
[15:20] VGKING com: ...
[15:42] VGKING com: omfg forward me the email immediately
[15:42] JoseAlvarado1: What is youe email
[15:42] JoseAlvarado1: i asked you
[15:42] VGKING com:
[15:42] VGKING com: you didn't ask me i gave it to you
[15:44] VGKING com: hello?
[15:44] JoseAlvarado1: Check your email
[15:45] VGKING com: nothing..
[15:45] JoseAlvarado1: check
[15:46] VGKING com: nothing
[15:47] VGKING com: did you forward it to me?
[15:47] JoseAlvarado1: yea
[15:47] VGKING com: also i might be interested in the 5 vb licenses for $100 -.-
[15:49] VGKING com: may i have the username for the account that you have 5 vb licenses for?
[15:49] VGKING com: not the password, just the username
[15:49] VGKING com: i'll then paypal you $100 ok?
[15:50] VGKING com: ok?
[15:50] JoseAlvarado1: No wait.
[15:50] VGKING com: i'll paypal you right now
[15:50] JoseAlvarado1: Someone might of bought it.
[15:50] VGKING com: i'll paypal you $110 then
[15:50] VGKING com: hello?
[15:50] VGKING com: i make payment right now
[15:51] VGKING com: hello?
[15:52] JoseAlvarado1: 1sec
[15:52] JoseAlvarado1: if he doesnt pay in like 2mins
[15:52] JoseAlvarado1: ill give it to u
[15:53] VGKING com: ...
[15:53] VGKING com: i can pay right now
[15:53] VGKING com: $10 more than him
[15:53] JoseAlvarado1: he is nto paying
[15:53] JoseAlvarado1: send the payment to (Link:
[15:53] JoseAlvarado1: and its yours
[15:55] JoseAlvarado1: did you send it?
[15:55] JoseAlvarado1: i have people waiting
[15:55] VGKING com: yes payment sent
[15:56] VGKING com: please give me username and password
[15:56] JoseAlvarado1: 1sec
[15:57] VGKING com: username please now
[15:57] VGKING com: password please now
[15:58] VGKING com: hello!?!?!?
[15:59] VGKING com: HELLO
[15:59] VGKING com: HELLO
[15:59] JoseAlvarado1: 1sec 1sec
[15:59] JoseAlvarado1: im getting it
[16:00] VGKING com: where is it??
[16:01] VGKING com: HEY
[16:01] VGKING com: you still didn't even forward the email
[16:01] VGKING com: give me the login info!!
[16:03] VGKING com: HELLO
[16:03] VGKING com: in a minute i'm going to contact paypal and get my refund and suspend your account
[16:03] VGKING com: you requested an immediate payment now i request IMMEDIATE information
[16:05] VGKING com: HELLO
[16:09] VGKING com: That's it
[16:09] VGKING com: I'm contacting PayPal and posting a buyer beware in that thread
[16:14] VGKING com: HELLO
[16:14] VGKING com: HELLO
[16:14] VGKING com: HELLO
[16:14] VGKING com: HELLO
[16:14] VGKING com: HELLO
[16:14] VGKING com: HELLO
[16:14] VGKING com: HELLO
[16:14] VGKING com: HELLO
[16:14] VGKING com: HELLO
[16:19] VGKING com: OMG
[16:19] VGKING com: you ****ing scammed me
Session Close (JoseAlvarado1): Sun Nov 27 16:51:59 2005

11-27-2005, 11:23 PM
sliceandcode is offline sliceandcode
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sliceandcode is on a distinguished road


^^ Uhh dude, use some common sense next time?

Edit: I was scammed by Mike Froseth here awhile back. I hired him to do some coding work for $100, I sent him $50 upfront. He never got anything done after a few days. I requested for refund and he refunded me a day later.

A month later, apparently he used a fraudulent credit card and the company did a chargeback on PayPal and of course, PayPal took the money out of my account.

11-27-2005, 11:59 PM
DateinaDash is offline DateinaDash
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DateinaDash is on a distinguished road


VGKing, what were you thinking? Also, you didn't really give the guy any time to do anything...that would have REALLY annoyed me.

11-28-2005, 12:46 AM
stenson is offline stenson
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No offense, but that was completely your fault. Even after suspecting foul play, you go ahead and send him another $100?


11-30-2005, 03:32 PM
falco85 is offline falco85
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falco85 is on a distinguished road


scam gets people looking for dreams....

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