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06-22-2017, 12:00 AM
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To me it seems like traditional forums like this one (vbulletin, phpbb, ipb) are just past their time. Lots of forums I used to go to are dead or gone. Some traditional forums seem to still be going but have gotten pretty slow. Just seems to be the current state of the internet with social media, youtube, reddit etc.

Hopefully some radical changes can do something.

It almost might be a better idea to just wipe the slate and start fresh. You could take this vbulletin install and keep it in it's current location, but make it read only/archive (if vbulletin even has this feature, might have to just disable all permissions edit/post/reply/register/etc). Transfer all the user data to the new platform. Have a big banner saying this forum is archived here is a link to the new community if someone comes from an old link.

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