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06-20-2017, 01:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Lowengard View Post
I learned that there is no need to seed discussions before the course opens, as someone will always ask those critical questions. In addition I believe there is some value to redefining those critical questions by asking them anew, and some advantage to having them answered by someone likely to be monitoring the discussion (and so available for follow-up questions).

Is there a way you could simply archive all of the current platform?
In regard to archiving, I have to discuss what's possible with the developer.

However, if your proposal is to completely leave all content behind and starting with a blank sheet, I am worried about that move for a few reasons. Apart from a ton of great early content that will help us get some organic traffic and ranking in the engines, we still have hundreds of old members, some of whom might give the community a chance if they see real changes taking place. These are the members who at some point have given up on TF, but they are also the ones who built the community. If we were to strip them of their status by removing/archiving content, this might lead to them being upset.

Between the two (removing content and archiving), I of course pick archiving. The simplest way to achieve that would be to lock old discussions so they do not get bumped if someone where to decide to reply to them. That way we'll have members generating new discussions, even if those critical questions are the same. Times have changed, solutions have changed, so on that I agree with you.

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