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09-05-2011, 07:47 PM
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I know I haven't been here posting much, but I'd like to offer my point of view. It's the hot-heads that actually care about the forum and how it's run. If they didn't care, they wouldn't have bothered getting hot-headed in the first place. It would just be normal folks, sharing "big ideas", yet not going any where with the ideas. Sometimes you need a swift kick to the butt, to get motivated. Banning/ removing all those that actually cared about the community, is only ruining it more. Because the ones that actually cared / got hot-headed, are eliminated from it all, there's no one really here with a "voice" to help motivate and push changes now. It's boring. It's the same crap stuff, over and over again. There's no desire here. You only make it fail faster, when you eliminate the ones that care for a community. If you suck the life / remove the ones that love the community, it kills it 10 times faster. This place could thrive again, but I doubt it though. I've been here a couple of times, seen posts about big dreams, changes, and was back again after almost years time went by.... and nothing was really done yet. Can't blame the board's failure on anyone else... Banning or removing people for voicing their opinions and etc, is another failure. Those that voiced their opinions, pushing for changes, should be reinstated. And not just talk about making changes, but actually do the changes within a weeks time frame, not years later. I really wish I had the money, I'd buy this place over night, and make the changes within 24 hours to week time frame. This is a community deal, but even when the community is part of it, nothing is done. It's sad shame. But anyway, it's just suggestion.