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03-01-2010, 10:37 PM
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  Old  We are Hiring!

Spring has sprung and for many that means that it's time for a clean out, and that goes for website owners too. But if you are unaware of the fact that search engines look for new content then you may not realize the importance of keeping your site fresh and up to date.

The simple fact is that if your site has stood, unchanged, for a very long time then it is likely to have been forgotten about. It will no longer be getting the search engine exposure that it needs and most likely deserves. What is more previous visitors may return, see that there is nothing new, and leave without any intentions of returning again in future.

Both search engines and visitors want a reason to return. This can be in the form of new content such as articles that are relevant to your website but may also be in the form of forum posts. New posts attract the search engines attention but may also draw back previous visitors who have something to add on the subject that is being discussed.

The problem comes when the forum that you installed to attract people has little or no content, or when all of its content is old and out of date. This situation is more likely to drive visitors away than it is to encourage them to sign up. So how can you find that balance especially when a new forum is by default going to be empty? You can find that balance by hiring our services.

At Paid Forum Posting we aim to be able to help you with every aspect of your content creation needs. We specialise in both forum posting and article writing services and have a large variety of packages to meet the specific needs of your website. For our current promotion we are offering 12% of all of our packages making this the ideal time to consider Paid Forum Posting as a way to boost the activity on your forum. Enter 'PFP12' and be sure to validate the coupon code.

Tester Plus Package 25 Posts (20 replies, 5 new threads) $10.00 With Discount $8.80

Threads Only Package $35.00 With Discount $30.80

Silver Package 100 Posts (75 replies, 25 new threads) $45.00 With Discount $39.60

Are you interested in becoming a writer with our company, rather than a client? We are currently looking to take on experienced writers who are able to complete our screening process, and commit to maintaining the high standards that we offer to our customers.

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