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08-05-2013, 08:47 PM
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  Old  The Road to Recovery.

Well, what do you know, half a year goes by quick.

Long story short, after a major burnout, I am back. If it is of any interest, perhaps I'll share the longer version at some point, but for now the time is better spent putting TF back in shape. One remark that I'd like to make is that it is amazing how negative experiences play out to have a positive impact on us, how they teach us to prioritize what's really worth stressing over in life. For that, I am especially thankful to those few members (they know who they are) who have been treating me and everything that we've been trying to accomplish with TF with so much negativity. They were, in a way, part of the healing process.

Special thanks to those who have been supportive during this away-from-TF time.

I've missed TF and everyone here. And I really do mean everyone.

Upon my return, the shape of the forum can be fairly described as a disaster and a half: tons of spam and spambots, as well as out of control membership database. Looks complicated and time consuming, but not lethal. It comes down to the hours of work that need to be put into TF to get it back in shape.

I'll be tackling the top priority issues in the days to come, followed by things that were left off in the development phase.

I'll keep you guys in the loop through updates in this thread.

PS: Those that absolutely want to send me hate mail, please do so via PM or email. Saying mean things publicly will serve no value.

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