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06-05-2011, 08:12 AM
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  Old  [WINNERS ANNOUNCED] $300 competition: "The Marketplace Pitch".

Do you think you know what a modern web-based marketplace of all things digital should function and look like? Let us know for a chance to win $250 (1st place) in cash prize money ($50 for runner-up) and an opportunity to get directly involved in developing it!

Rebuilding the marketplace has been one of the overall objectives, and my personal motivator, for this resource to transition into the new reality of how web professionals conduct business on the Internet. That is why we want to build a brand new application, independent to existing forum software, which was never meant to be an app for business transactions in the first place.

People expect simplicity, flexibility, access to information and tools to allow them to sell products/services more efficiently and to make better buying decision. A forum structure is not able to address and properly scale to meet the needs of designers, coders and web entrepreneurs, so we need to create an environment for you that will be pleasing to use and easy to benefit from.

The requirement: Functional Specification

We want the big idea as much as the specifics of how it will function and what it would look like. In other words, we want you to present a functional specification document, which details what the finished product will do, how a user will interact with it, and what it will look like.

If you have that perfect vision in your head for what a web-based marketplace should be (for anything from designs and other services to domains and websites), present it to us in whatever format that works for you (Word, PDF, a slide show, an online tour, etc), as long as it profiles the application well. Here is an easy to follow guide to what a functional specification document consists of and how to write it. While we do not ask for a very detailed document, we expect to receive a clear description of the functionality of the marketplace, as well as website wireframes, sketches and other visuals that you think are necessary to include with your pitch.

Submissions are to be made directly to me via email: artashes *at* (please mention your forum username and your contact information in the email so that I can associate you appropriately).

Last day of submission: August 10.

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