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01-28-2011, 06:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Libby View Post
Sure, that makes perfect sense. As a team with a common goal, all the content, written and graphic, needs to be complimentary. My primary interest is to write content, and I've been curious to know some expectations of those in the process I would be supporting. Sounds like nothing technical, so no need to school myself up much. Excellent!
There are only the two ways to go about it...

1) you author a story and pass it on to an artist to provide concepts, when you find an artist with the style you are looking for, you move on.

In this case you would be the lead, you are in charge of making sure the artist is producing work that fits your needs.

2) You are supplied concepts (or complete works) and are asked to product the content. In this case the artist is the lead, making sure the content you are providing works.

This one is a bit odd, because the artist has told a story, and knows the story they want to tell, but need you to tell it. They in most cases will give you an overview, could be as simple as "Guy saves the world" and you need to create the whole story based on the visual ques on the page(s) provided.

Or they know the exact story, every step of the way, but need you to create the dialogue to enhance the visual story.

If two people mess, it creates awesome work. If they clash, it may produce awesome work, but the tensions and fighting may not be worth it.

Or if they clash, it produces nothing.

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