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01-11-2013, 02:59 PM
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  Old  Would it be ok to ask for testers here and offer free domains + hosting in return?

Hi! First post here, while carefully trying to stay within the rules of the forum and play it fair

We're a small startup company and we've created an new online tool. In summary, designers will be able to turn graphical designs/mockups into complete web sites without coding or system/DNS admin.

It's intended to be very easy and non-technical. If you can design anything that even remotely looks like a website in Photoshop, Illustrator, PowerPoint or even scanned pencil sketches from the backs of envelopes - our intention is that anyone should be able to publish it as a live website within minutes without training.

Right now we need to perform more field testing. But specifically we would like to get testers that already have a need to make a web site. We've tried hiring through oDesk in the past. But unfortunately they've tended to either be too technical (= not typical for our target audience) or just been trying to make the least number of steps to publish "something" (= not facing the same issues at all you would do when making a site for real).

So freelancers/mods, do you think the following would be ok and in the line with the forum rules?
- ask here for a number of testers
- in return offer testers to register a domain for free and also get the site hosting for a year
- testers leaves feedback to let us understand what works or what needs to be improved

Note that I intentionally don't mention the name or address of the service until it seems clear enough that this is a fair use of the forum.

Thanks in advance!
Stefan Lindmark

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