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07-20-2011, 04:46 PM
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  Old  CCTV Central Management Software - Which software to use?

Hi All,

I need to build CCTV Video Receiving Center Software.
Problem is I am not even sure which Operating System would be best, please give me some ideas.

the system works like this, my "central server" is connected to the internet and in lots of different locations I have IP Cameras. If a IP camera detects a event it will FTP (email is also possible) the event clip or a snapshot only to my Receiving Center. In the receiving center I want a overview display showing all the locations and how many events was received from each also status info like camera is still live, on a next screen I have a list of all events, listed with criteria like location, date time, and attachement. When I select the event it should show me the last four clips or videos. I can then press connect live and a RTSP stream is connected to the associated camera. On the live view I should also be able to communicate to the camera via the camera's two way audio.

This is the rough basics, do I use Windows, Linux?
Do I need a Database?

Or do I use maybe the new Outlook with a separte inbox for each Camera/location, and ad a email server to my local receiving center machine so that I do not download 50 email accounts every 5 seconds.


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