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07-26-2010, 06:29 PM
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Charging $5, $10, or $20 to list is ridiculous. Having listings censored is ridiculous.

I think that any listing should be accepted so long that it adheres to the guidelines put in place. No design, domain, script should be kept out just because it's not graphically amazing/pretty/unique, or a domain isn't pronounceable, etc. This isn't a design runway.

Originally Posted by t0m View Post
You cannot screen posts/market place threads based on what you think of the actual product - its too opinionated. Just because you think something is crap (it may well be), the person still has the right to sell it.

The only way (to fairly) moderate the marketplace is to really tighten the rules and rule them with an iron fist.

Bringing an opinion panel into the equation is frankly ridiculous, as is the idea of charging a fee.

I would actually flip the problem on its head... get rid of the marketplace. Bring back good quality discussion, focussing users on the content - then bring back the marketplace at a later date. Users are selling items through other means anyway these days... for example Anthony Bullock (no comments on him please), sells his stuff via Twitter - and it goes.

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