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04-25-2008, 07:55 PM
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  Old  What to learn next?

I'm in the process of majorly upgrading my skillset to better fit today's market, so I 'm seeking advice on what code languages I should learn, and in what general order (ex: XHTML, CSS, then....?). Also, any advice on where I can find good tutorials for the subjects (as I'm having to go it alone, no money or time for going back to school right now) would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks to (recommended to me by DaleM, thanks again btw) &, I've got a pretty good handle on XHTML, CSS, & javascript (just need to play around with them some more).

One suggested track I've gotten so far (again, thanks DaleM), is:

XHTML > CSS > Javascript > Ajax > PHP > MySql > PERL
You don't really need perl, but it does come in handy
I had figured Perl would be in there somewhere, but I'm still wondering where I should fit in Visual Basic, the various C's, Java, .Asp, Oracle, etc. Also, isn't PHP part of Ajax, so shouldn't I learn that first? (Yes, I realized I probably seem a little nuts to be trying to do all of this via the "self-taught" road, but, as I said, not much choice on that front right now.)