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11-23-2011, 06:58 PM
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Originally Posted by obay View Post
Maybe but to me I smelt scam a mile off.

I would not believe in this, nothing is for free, any idiot to do such thing deserves the pain

This is either a scam or you are taking part in some sort of illegal activity. I strongly suspect its the first, this sounds like a derivative of the classic cashiers check fraud.

The way the fraud advertised in this thread works is:
1. Scammer makes contact with victim saying that he needs to receive $1000 (for instance) but because of some political situation or for a noble but ultimately illegal cause it has to be done under the table masquerading as a business transaction.
2. Victim gets a cashiers check for $1000, deposits it, funds show up immediately, victim send $750 out same day.
3. Funds don't clear and the full $1000 is revoked, leaving victim short $750 from when he entered the fraud.

By the time the check fails to clear there is no sign of scammer, the money is gone. In this instance the poster is from Bangladesh so disappearing would not be hard from a legal perspective.

This works because cashiers checks certify that the issuer had that amount in their account when they check was deployed, it does not actually tie up said funds. However banks usually make the funds show immediately in contract to normal checks. Both take the same amount of time to clear or bounce, except with a cashiers check you think you have the money ahead of time. This is why you can't cash a check worth more than what you have in your account; you are liable for the amount they hand you in cash and if it bounces they will deduct that amount from your account.

In the small chance this is not a scam it should be done via wire transfer, that actually moves the funds without clearance periods. If it works this way chances are you are participating in an illegal operation.

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