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02-08-2011, 06:33 AM
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While I have not got the minimum amount of posts required to post in the advertising section, I still sought the opportunity to advertise here at TalkFreelance.

We as a company actively advertise on HostingDiscussion, and are proud to be a sponsor of that forum.
We are also equally proud to support TalkFreelance, as hosting costs are not free, and for active forums such as these, the bills can get quite expensive.

In any case, it is not my intention to spam the forums, or disrupt any normal activity.

Originally Posted by Jordan View Post
Also, shame that the first "example" of this feature is by someone who obviously joined just to advertise. Looks pretty piss poor to me.
This is not the first example, Ypson advertises here in the form of sticky threads.

Also, I did not join just to advertise.

Originally Posted by Jordan View Post
If "anyone" can order why is this not available when creating a new thread? Why has there been no announcement on this?
Such things might be hard to code. And nothing really beats manual verification, or talking about what advertising best suits a customers budget, and other such things.

Originally Posted by Jordan View Post
Oh I forgot, you actually don't mind spam (in forms of threads and sigs), my bad!

That being said: Shame that you let some random new person who hasn't contributed before offering it up to active TFL people.

I like your initiative to accept money from people just joining TFL to advertise.

PS - Advertising has not "always been" one of the forms of participation here at TFL. Before the rule was removed, activity was required to post in Marketplace.
That is a bit uncalled for. If I decided to spam, I wouldn't have taken the time to post it in the right section. Maybe I'd get more views posting it in general discussion.
I also wouldn't have taken the time to view the other sections of the forum, and write this reply.


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