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05-28-2007, 01:36 AM
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  Old  Any other noteable browsers?

Ive gone through all the browsers, and am getting annoyed!

I started out using IE, and got bored with it fast, I just simply dont like it, speed issues, feature issues, etc..

So I joined the bandwagon, and joined the firefox club, and loved it for the first month or so, then it started getting terribly slow, and took a minute+ to load from coldstart, and warmstart.. and it just got anoying, but I loved all the modifications i had for FF, but Then I decded to switch to..

Opera.. It's what Im using now, It was definitely a change from FF, some better features, some worse, Speed was MUCH better, but I lost a lot of my mods, I cant have a seperate row for my bookmarks, So I had to get used to it's SpeedDial, and I used the interigated Mail feature for it, and hey, its cool, but Opera doenst actually REMMEMBER and AUTOFILL my passwords, so when I go to places like myspace, or TFL or anytghing with a login, I am forced to manual type my password, because that damn WAND thing NEVER works.. and NEVER shows up.

So I was just curious as to if there were any other noteable Windows Browsers that are worth trying?