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03-15-2005, 09:30 AM
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Originally Posted by patrickPaul
I'm thinking about creating a hack which would do a basic check on your signautre when you edit it and give you a heads up if it thinks it will be against the rules

Who knows...

i actually had an idea

people like images in there sigs but most people dont like big ones
so incorporate the way avatars work into the sigs with the restrictions. quite simple really

so youd have a page that says right insert an image into your sig. you past the link into the box. it then checks the size and dimensions of the image and if its small enough. ok else die

then if it goes ok present a code like [img=SOMEUNIQUEIMGIDORLINK] then when thats parsed in the code it gets the link from the db and inserts it

just a way to control the size of sigs i have no idea bout implementing it though