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12-04-2012, 10:23 PM
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  Old  Brand new to this: how much to charge for creating email newsletters?

Hopefully this is the right place. I used to work for a niche art company doing various marketing tasks. Then I moved across the country. Now a few months later, they want to hire me to write and create their twice-weekly email newsletters. I did this for them when I worked there. This is a small company and these newsletters would reach about 5,000 people.

I would be writing the copy and designing the look of the newsletter (inserting photos, videos, header banners, etc) using one of their templates.

How do I quote this? When I worked there, it usually took me about a week to create 1 newsletter--but that's because I had many other job duties as well.

I also do not own the software I used at the company-Adobe Dreamweaver.

Thanks for any insight or help.