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04-23-2008, 12:29 PM
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Well we have a marketing campaign that should blow away the TV advertising world, just the issue if funding it so it may be a while after we open before you see any of it. Either that or we launch it as an internet campaign on places like YouTube and LiveVideo.

We have been particularly interested in VIRB while Klydo has been in development, we have already developed a system similar to their advanced skinning to allow everything to be edited in terms of CSS, HTML and Icons. However we've went one step further with a skin and widget gallery which Virb sadly doesn't have. We're still working on building up a basic editor to allow the less skilled users make their own or simply select from the skin gallery like I said.

We're trying to go into depth about the privacy as we know not everyone just wants a public or private profile. The majority want to be able to setup how they're information can be seen. Some might wish for their latest picture uploads to be displayed on the homepage but for someone to comment them they may want them to be friends, where as the next person might not want their stuff displayed on the homepage but still want a public profile. So we want to optimize this but also keep it simple by having preset privacy settings for people who aren't all too worried about the technical side of things.

The design we've used for both the site and profiles has been selected because of it's simplicity and it's level editable content. From using EXACTLY the same code setup on the main site as well as the profile we've managed to make them look unique compared to each other. This means you can ultimately edit your profile to no extent. The navigation is also managed by using a large (tab) navigation with 6 simple links;

You - Dashboard - Videos - Music - Messages - Settings

Each of these then have their own sub navigation appear directly under neath. So navigation is quick and simple to follow.

On the side of friends which seems to be the big matter here, we want to try and get every user contributing to getting their own friends on the site. To us the best way to make you want to invite your friends somewhere is the fact you're "proud" to be using the service and want to show it off to friends. That's basically how MySpace and Facebook gained popularity so fast. This in mind is the main reason we see listening to everything you say EXTREMELY important because it could turn out something you suggested gets included in the site and what better could their be for a social network user than actually being able to say "I had a say in how that site was made" other than the obvious "I made that site" but suppose we can't hire every user :P

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