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07-15-2013, 02:47 AM
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thinking about it, i came here to post the exact same thread, but if entire sections of the pagination are dedicated to recent spam threads, this place is getting serious neglect and i'm going to guess it's been given up on.

i'll try to come back in the next day or so, but i have a really bad short term memory.

playing the odds that i'm the only human response you see, i'll invite you yo hit me up via an email if i do forget to check back for a replt. i'm always in the mood to talk design / tech. keeps you sharp (aka, good at your job). plus, your network can never bee too small; and I was just in Florida a week ago. email should be in my profile somewhere, if it comes to that - normally, i'd just throw a skype username to you, but not with the absurd amount of bot traffic coming through here.