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01-26-2010, 05:06 PM
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Yes best way to do this I found is to use AS2 and create a button on frame 1. Now instead of doing the animation INSIDE the button, do it on frame 2 to whatever frame you want stopped. Now you will have your buttons AS be something like:


now on frame 2 - whatever you have another option. do you want each "footstep" to appear after you click the previous one, or do you want them to all animate out?

If you want them to animate out one after another, your set. If you want them to come up as you click, keep repeating what you did for frame 1, only choose the next frame to start the next footstep.

If you can provide more detail on the actual way you want this to perform I should be able to help.

edit: oops, didn't see that this was such an old thread, even though it was on top.

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