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10-05-2007, 11:28 PM
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  Old  Halo Design Contest

Name of the contest: Halo Site Design -- Simple!
Deadline: November 5th
Prize & Delivery method: I paypal you $150.

Contest brief: Hey guys! I'm opening a Halo information database soon called Valhalla. My partner and I are looking for a simple but attractive template that really catches the eye but blends and flows.

Colours: Most of the site will be white and steel (silverish grey). Curved lines are a must. Wherever you think it would fit, try accenting the grey and white with dashes of blue and/or orange.

Inspirations: That's something to consider when making your design. It might be nice if we had a logo on the left where the eagle is, nav underneath that, middle for content and then the right for other links/ads and stuff. This does not mean it has to be like that! It's just a suggestion to get you started thinking.

Other information: This is uncoded. We'd like 3 banner-like things with slight text changes (see below). It has to be three columns: left column nav, middle content, and then the right column has to be collapsible. I only need the PSD file for the index.

The Banners:
Don't run away! When I say banners, it means nothing. Basically, in the main banner, the theme of it will change depending on what section of the site you're browsing (halo 1, halo 2, halo 3). Therefore, we've picked maps that correspond with each section. The banner has to change its background image or whatever and the text on it too. For halo one, the text is "Blood Gulch". For halo two, it's "Coagulation." For halo three, it's "Valhalla". Here are the images (respectively):

Contact information: You can PM me here, email or add on MSN.