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06-20-2017, 11:34 AM
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Artashes, you have to have faith that old and worthwhile information in discussions, or entire discussions, for that matter, will re-emerge organically in the new platform, whichever one you choose.

I say this based on my more-than-a-decade experience teaching business management in online programs. I learned that there is no need to seed discussions before the course opens, as someone will always ask those critical questions. In addition I believe there is some value to redefining those critical questions by asking them anew, and some advantage to having them answered by someone likely to be monitoring the discussion (and so available for follow-up questions).

This wouldn't solve the issues around such questions as "help! the taxman is auditing me! what should I do?" but IMO that's an issue of how to ask a question, and not how to provide a useful answer.

Is there a way you could simply archive all of the current platform?

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