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09-24-2009, 07:56 PM
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  Old  Future of TF.............

Hi Guys,

Hopefully the forum should be back to normal now, after a fine attempt at sabotage by I am guessing "Vizon" or should I say R'Tard.

I apologise for the issues, and would like to thank Chris who alerted me by contacting the office.

It has taken me a while to unravel what was going on - essentially do to my account being hacked, email and password altered (hence not recieving emails blah blah) etc. It looks like past admins etc I had trusted had passed certain logins etc into the hands of idiots.............

Where do we go from here: -

While I decide what to do with the site, I would like the audience of TF to vote in some mods and admins to manage the site.

So, to start this off I would like you to post the names of people you think would make suitable Admins/Mods. I will then use these name to create an open vote on who is elected.

So for the time being please post the names of people you would like to nominate - think carefully about this! - Its all very well nominating people who are very active on the forum, but are they responsible? - We don't want a repeat of idiots getting into power.

Place your nominations in this thread.