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05-11-2012, 04:11 AM
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For the size of Sythe, I am really surprised I've never heard of it before. From the looks of it - it is extremely busy. However, from their slogan of being the "craigslist of virtual goods", in my opinion, only opens books to lots and lots of scammers that crowd forums like these. However, here is a kicker - DigitalPoint does have an iTrader, but it still doesn't stop scammers from posting garbage, lying and stealing. Between a hyperactive marketplace and the one that features good stuff, I always have and always will side with a smaller quality marketplace (or as much quality as we can attract).

We have to approach this with a completely different mentality (an opposite end) and look at the marketplace by establishing an environment that: (a) monitors who gets in, and (b) provides direct real benefits to best talent of the house. As I mentioned, VG has developed a custom product for us that can help TalkFreelance, a community of professionals who want/try to make their living out of freelance activity, to get a renewed shot in the long run.

Samshelton22, I deeply appreciate the ideas you throw our way.

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