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08-12-2012, 12:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Gaz View Post
Not quite true. The plugin doesn't actually handle the payment transaction itself..
True for the second part, not for the first. For resetting the balance, I have to confirm the payment as made. I don't want to get into the backend of our system publicly, however.

Originally Posted by BoyWonder View Post
If vbulletin allows it, why don't you at least give an option to give it to various charities directly. At least giving us the option. Or maybe we can be allowed the option to donate our post rewards into a fund for charity water for instance.
As much as I equally like the idea, one that potentially deserves its place in the future, this is not the core business of ours. This is a promotional program that works exactly how it was designed: it allows members to earn rewards for valuable contributions. Members can decide for themselves how they want to handle the cash once they get to the payout level.

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