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12-21-2011, 09:45 PM
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LOL, Salathe, too funny.

It took me a few hours to provide detailed feedback to each submission yesterday and I am seeing there are 27 more concepts to give feedback to today.

One of my public comments to all designers was that the chat bubble graphic has been done to death 100s, if not 1000s of times before and I personally find it unoriginal (although depends on the presentation of it I guess... David from, for one, can work magic with simple forms, but there is a larger story and a lot more complexity behind his work than if someone was to just plug a quotation sign or a chat bubble into the logo). I would find it a lot more creative if someone were to produce a logo with an element that would tell a more complex story than just "chat". TF is being rebuilt to feature not only a forum but an array of tools catering to freelance professionals. We are trying to create a workspace-like environment, so as a designer/programmer/writer, think of what that environment associates with. What makes you focus, what motivates you, what makes you do a better job? To some, it might be a cup of coffee from starbucks, to others a plant on their desk, to someone else a view, the sun, whatever. Same with using pencils and brushes in their designs - not only it resembles the current look of the community which I personally don't like (hence, trying to move away from as far as possible), it serves a narrow niche and is rather primitive.