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04-25-2008, 08:31 PM
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It takes a bit of restraint, but I think it's better, if a client comes along and says "Can you do this job for XX amount?" - and XX is something you'd consider pretty low, then you tell then you have a minimum you'd consider working for.

I've done it plenty times in the past, where I've taken on a job for a low amount, and come to regret it - the client expects a lot, I can't give them a lot because of time pressures and other work, and in the end neither party is terribly happy

Find a figure you're happy with (an hourly rate will usually do - $60/hour sounds very reasonable) and stick with it - the Village Idiot is right

One of my particular gripes is that some website companies seem to offer all sorts of random prices - if a client goes off to "Price compare" your services, they'll probably find the same services advertised for anything from $5 to $5000 - What (in my opinion) a client values most, is a designer who knows what he can provide, knows how long it'll take and can say "Here's what I'm worth, here's what I can do for you" - most people are willing to pay for quality if they know they'll get it.

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