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07-03-2008, 04:10 PM
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I have been using PC's since, well it was all I ever used. I wanted a Macbook because of the developer community and the quality of applications.

I got it, and I had a Dell XPS 400 at the time, which was in stats 3-4 times more powerful than my Macbook (with no video card, well its integrated), and now I use my Macbook as my only and main machine. It runs Windows a lot faster, loads Photoshop (Mac) extremely fast, etc. It is a learning curve once you go Mac OS X. And I have only been productive since. I can't imagine working on a Windows ever again.

I suggest going to an Apple store, spend about an hour there on a iMac or a Macbook. Get a list of programs you want to try or checkout (although they may not like it) download them and use them.

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