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03-03-2010, 03:56 PM
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  Old  TalkFreelance Changing Ownership!

Hi guys, I am really pleased to finally be able to let you know who will be taking over TF now – Artashes.

Some of you may know him from few other communities, including his own Artashes was our first choice in the sale of TalkFreelance for more than few reasons. First, he is an avid fan of TalkFreelance. While he hasn't been a registered member for very long, he knew more about the community and its history than many other buyers. Second, He came up with an abundance of solutions that would not only satisfy both us and him, but be as fair to the community as possible. Third, he just made it very easy to work with him.

You may well have seen the auction on Flippa that did not reach the reserve price, this however did not mean that a sale did not happen. In fact, Artashes was the top bidder when the auction ended. What followed was a week-long back-and-forth with few parties approaching us, but it was also an opportunity for us to pick and choose the new owner based on more than just their bid, but on what they could bring to the community.

Artashes, apart from his experience, seemed to have the most passion and energy. I am sure he will work hard to bring back the glory days for TalkFreelance. I do not want to expose any of his ideas early but I am sure you will be impressed with the upcoming changes.

I feel very happy that I am leaving TF in safe hands and I look forward to participating in the community as a buyer from some of the great freelancers on the site.


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