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12-05-2012, 02:03 AM
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Thanks for the tips, although I did search this forum and google prior to posting this, specifically searches on email newsletters. I think I've got the basic idea (hourly vs per project, time spent, what I want to be paid, etc) but I was hoping to get a general idea of how something like this is charged, since I've never done this (I'm a wedding photographer now, this would be my first freelance job).

So I guess I could answer that as...

-I know how to use dreamweaver, since that's what I used at the company
-Beginner to intermediate experience with dreamweaver (can do basic HTML, can mostly figure out the kinks on my own)

-answering what I need to earn is difficult, and probably why I'm getting stuck. I worked at the company making $15/hr. So how can I ask for that now, doing 1 thing, whereas I was doing many things while working there? I also dont "need" any certain wage, as this would be more "fun money" than "need to live" money.

I thought maybe there would be different rates based on if I designed the template (I'm not), how many people will get the email (5,000), or something else I'm missing besides a straight time breakdown-->amount to charge.

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