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10-09-2009, 01:59 PM
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  Old  Free Wordpress Themes (No More!)

Hi folks,

  • No more "free WP theme" spammers.
  • New rule added so we can punish them.

For a long while now, we've been allowing a number of our members (to use the term loosely) to post up super-long threads advertising their super-huge, long lists of free Wordpress themes which were often updated nearly daily.

The staff team have discussed this activity and decided that such spamvertising (that's all it was) is not something that we want to have here at Talkfreelance any longer. The individuals (or bots, as it appears in some cases) have been contacted with regards to this policy change so it should stop happening from here on in; for those who are bots and don't read PMs, they'll get stomped on by the moderators.

Now, we realise that having a central place to find good, new Wordpress themes might be of benefit to you the happy member here. So on that note, we'll be starting a sticky thread somewhere (probably in Web Design Resources) with a list of some places to go find awesome themes for your blog (or whatever you use Wordpress for!). When that happens, we'll make a note in this thread. You'll also be able to contribute links to your own favourite WP theme resources if they're not already listed (don't go advertising though... ).

There has been a new rule added covering the Marketplace forums to the effect that no "free WP themes" advertising is allowed. See the rules page and (at the time of writing this) Marketplace Rule #9.

Thanks for reading.

Salathe & the Staff

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