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  Old  New Certification Process for Freelancing Programmers

Freelancing Programmers who want to greatly expand their options to work as telecommuters may want to look at this:

The Intelligent Community Initiative has announced a certification program for telecommuters in conjunction with the website This certification program will provide prospective employers with a pool of individuals who have passed a three-tiered certification process, not only revolving around technical abilities such as the use of software such as Skype, Google talk, and SightSpeed, but also around higher skills possessed by professional telecommuters.

The best news is that this certification process is free to those who want to become contributing members of The Intelligent Community Initiative(membership is also free).

This certification project is just a small part of a much larger project known as Operation Energy Transition. One of the goals of Operation Energy Transition is to promote telecommuting as a way to conserve energy, and to help workers, businesses and the nation cope with rising energy costs.

If you are interested in being certified as a professional telecommuter, visit

and click on the "Certification" link on the left, which has more details around the certification process. If you have any questions after that, feel free to contact us . . .