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07-24-2010, 06:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Salathe View Post
I'll probably reply with more thought at some later point, but my ongoing desire is something that you mentioned above: to make the marketplace its own separate entity (in essence, separate "business" from "pleasure" [that's not to mean just larking around]).
Originally Posted by Hero View Post
I'd also like to see it seperated, maybe not even listed in the subforums list but as some sort of seperate tab. An application something like sitepoint used to have, but keep it free

The original plan was to separate the community from the marketplace. That way we can expand the community discussions and also build a very nice and more efficient marketplace application.

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
The only suggestion I can offer is somehow prevent the crap being listed, just outright stop people from listing until they're approved to sell things.

How do you see such approval system working? How and who will make those calls?

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