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07-15-2010, 04:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Jordan View Post
Artashes, how the hell are you picking these moderators? Are you just randomly going through old members or what? Catalyst has barely posted at TFL in the last two years. I see some posts in June, that's nice. But before that was February.. then THREE posts in 2009 and some activity for 2008.

I'm all for "been in the community for years" but picking members that I rarely see contributing over the last few years makes no sense whatsoever.

Following your rationale, I shouldn't be the admin of this site since I only started actively posting few months ago, thus do not have the experience to be an able manager.

I pick my team members not based on number of posts they have (or made) but based on what they offer with their expertise in reaching my long-term objectives and what they do behind the scenes.

Thank you for welcoming a member who is eager to help this community, Jordan.