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06-30-2010, 05:56 PM
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lol, ... more like worked in a sideline to the main topic.

Not going to really bother explaining what Micro$oft has done, is continuing to do. Micro$ucks easily spends several 100 million a year, suppressing better/free opensource competitors ... esp linux.

The US govt alone, could save an est 9 billion a yr by migrating to opensource. Im sure its actually more than that. But you probably dont realize, that 9,000 million dollars. Could be better spent actually improving the quality of life for people. Than going into software corps bank accts. ( Microsoft being one of the biggies.)

Many people have literally died ( will die ) ... due to M$N's greed, so the dollar sign is highly appropriate.

Kids went to bed hungry, people got evicted from their houses, lost their jobs. Old people froze 2 death in the winter. Cause they had to make a choice between buying their medications, or paying the heating bill.

inferior product = 9 billion ( 90 billion in 10yrs ) / better product = Free

Hmmm ... I can see where that would be a hard decision for officials to make, lol. But then again, ... you can be sure M$ gives out plenty of campaign contributions a yr too.

edit: Also their $oftware suks, requiring constant updates ... sec patches ( not by accident.) Is invasive ... collects data about you. Costs alot and are system resource hogs from hell, lol.

Freaking Vista for example advises roughly 1 gig of RAM, just for the f'ing OS. LOL, other than these and a few 1000 other things. The folks at micro$oft are great people.

update: Not to be overly harsh ... but you asked.

OT: Download it and give it try, what's the worst that could happen ? ... its FREE.